Monday, October 20, 2008

Bands, Florists, Invitation Companies & Party Planners Offering Favors

At we do party favors, we don't so invitations, we don't do flowers, we don't play in a band at your party and we don't help you with your decorations or planning. We do favors why don't we offer those services because we don't have the sources to offer them and are not expects in those fields. So why do so many bands, florists, invitation companies, decorators or party planners offer party favors. Simply because they want to milk every last penny out of you even though they can't possibly offer the wide range of items we do or the expertise we do. They want you to choose one of their limited selection of items as your party favor, in another words they want you to think this is all that is out there and on top of that they usually overcharge because they think they have a captive audience. We have over 3000 different vendors at our disposable and over 900,000 different items to offer. Just on our website we offer over 1000 of the most popular items and we update them all the time and add new items all the time. So when your band leader or your party planner says they can do your party favors ask them how big a variety of items do they have and can they supply you with 1000 different ideas. If not visit we only do party favors, we want you to buy what you want, not force you into accepting one of our 20 or so items. We look forward to lending our expertise to your party.