Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What to imprint on your favor - Part 1 has done thousands of parties over the years and from our experience most bar/bat mitzvah age kids will go to so many parties and will receive so many party favors it is really hard to make yours stand out and be used. If you want the favor to be kept and used the first thing you must do is keep it simple when you choose what to imprint on the item. An imprint like this

Sept. 10, 2012

almost guarantees that the item will find a permanent spot at the bottom of a kid’s closet if not the garbage when they get home. A good alternative would be

DG’s Party Rocked”

It is always a good idea to use a numeral date like we show above versus writing it out.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

When Should You Order Your Party Favors

The most optimal time to order your favors is when you have all your replies from your invitations.  This is usually around 4 weeks before your party.  This way you will have your favors in plenty of time to do any wrapping or tagging you might want to do.  Also while we have never not delivered ordered favors on time, it gives us some leeway in case a problem does crop up.  For example, several years back when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, we had ordered some favors from one of our vendors in that area.  Their shop was completely destroyed in the storm before they could ship our order out but because our customer had ordered early we were able to find another vendor to produce the favors and they were delivered on time.  The lessen to be learned here is place your order as early as you can.

Taking the above into consideration there are plenty of people who for whatever reason either forget to order the favors or decide at the last minute to hand something out.  In most cases we can still get the favors delivered in time.  Depending upon how late you order we sometimes have to go without a proof if you are imprinting or we have to order the goods without an imprint.  Earlier this year we actually had someone call us on a Tuesday for a party that weekend.  We were able to find an acceptable favor at a vendor who offered 24 hour service and the item was delivered that Friday.  We made a party giver very happy and since then she has referred two of her friends to us, thankfully both were ordered in plenty of time.

In closing it is always better to order your party favors as early as you can but for those procrastinators out there, we can still help you, just give us a call.