Friday, May 22, 2009

What makes Special?

A child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah is truly a coming of age experience in the Jewish religion and within your family. When a child turns 13 they are entering young adulthood. This means they usually if they haven't already are voicing their opinions and think they know everything. It isn't until they are truly adults with full responsiblitiies that they realize that you never stop learning and having to make decisions.
With this all said we know how difficult it can be to put all the pieces together for the perfect celebration for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. From picking the event venue, photography, music, games,favors etc.
At we take the headaches away. We will help you find the perfect item and create just the right imprint that fits your individual families needs. We aren't about telling you what you must do; we want to make sure you have what you want and what fits your special day.
Each Bar/Bat Mitzvah favor that we do is special because it is for your child. Nothing means more to us than making sure that your child is pleased with the final product. With that in mind you will see a large selection of favor options on the website but if you don't see what you want or you need assistance in figuring out what you should give just contact us.
You can either call 561-750-8683 or e-mail us at for "Favors that will be remembered long after your party is only a treasured memory".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Weekend

Bar/Bat Mitzvah's have become more than just a ceremony with a party to celebrate after the service. They have become an all encompassing weekend event. Starting with making arrangements for the out of town guests including space reserved in a hotel so family members can all be together, a welcome bag so they have goodies to snack on after their trip, a shabbat dinner so their stomaches aren't growling at the Friday night Shabbat service. Saturday is the actual service with a kiddush lunch to follow if the party isn't until the evening. Then the party celebration including cocktail hour for the adults and children, entertainment for the children, dancing, dinner and a favor to remember the event. Sunday brings the closing of the weekend with a brunch to recap the weekend and say goodbye to your out of town guests.

The one thing that should without a doubt be sent home with your out of towners is a guide to dieting after the celebration. Mazel Tov!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why do we give out favors?

I have loved favors since I was a little kid. I remember I couldn't wait for a party to be over so I could get that special something. Then I became a Mom and again I was obsessed with favors. I couldn't wait to hunt out that special favor to make my child's birhtday celebration just a little bit more special. So it wasn't that unusual that when my oldest was getting ready to have her Bat Mitzvah that I again would be in search of that Special favor. This favor had to have a logo so that it would commemorate the occasion. I had a hard time finding someone who could show me something and create it for me. I finally did find it but I also decided to follow my favor passion and help other people come up with that Special favor. So 6 1/2 years later I not only have a showroom for my local clientele to visit I have an e-commerce site to assist people all over the country. So call me or e-mail me and let me help you find that Special favor that will be remembered long after your party is only a treasured memory. or 561-750-8683