Friday, September 21, 2012

What to Imprint on your Favor - Part 4

Once you finally decided on what to imprint on your party favor, take it to the next level and utilize that imprint on your cocktail napkins as well.  It’s a nice touch that will make your cocktail hour even more special and is relatively inexpensive.


So to summarize:

1 – Be subtle.

2 – Don’t ever imprint you child’s first and last name.

3 – Always try to use numbers for the date, don’t write it out.

4 – Never use your child’s picture on your imprint.

5 – Try to keep the number of colors you use in any art work down to save money.

6 – Don’t imprint something because you think it is cute, in most cases the kids won’t think so and your item won’t be used.

7 – Bigger is not always better when deciding on the size of your imprint.

8 – Utilize your imprint on your cocktail napkins.

9 – Remember these are 13 year old kids and not looking like a nerd is very important to them.