Thursday, August 9, 2012

What to Imprint on your Favor - Part 3

The imprint is just as important as what the item you select is. We recently had someone order beach towels, which is a great party favor especially where they were located and especially since summer was right around the corner. They then imprinted “I (image of a heart) Mark” on the towel. They took a great item that definitely would have been used and made it in to something that will hardly ever be used. Can you imagine a boy lying on the beach with a towel with that design imprinted on it. Before you decide what to imprint, ask your 13 year old, if they received this as a party favor with someone else’s name in the imprint would they use it, if they say no, don’t do it.

Size also matters when doing your imprint. On some items it is always better to go for the subtle look rather then the maximized imprint. For example if you were doing a mug there is nothing wrong with making the imprint as big as possible, of course you are limited by the size of the mug, but this is an item where I would maximize the imprint. But on the other hand there are some bags with 8” x 8’ imprint areas if not bigger, if you were to maximize the size on the imprint we suggested above, it would be overkill and probably once again would be something that a 13 year wouldn’t use.

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