Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drawstring Bags - Which One to Choose

We get asked all the time what is the difference between all the drawstring bags we have on our site since we have over 80 different ones to choose from.  Besides the obvious differences such as with our speciality bags that are shaped like a baseball or football or whatever or our bags that might fold up into themselves the differences all come down to your personal preferences.

Some of the bags are made of Non-Woven Polypropylene which is the same material that you get when you buy one of those reusable grocery bags, these bags are usually less expensive.  Most of the bags are made out of 210 Denier Nylon some are 420 Denier Nylon, the difference being the 420 is a little heavier then the 210.  All these materials work well for this type of bag, what you choose may depend upon what your budget is or what you are using the bag for.  For example if the bag is basically being used for some kind of packaging such as a sweatshirt or to carry home several different items the Non-Woven Polypropylene works great and usually cost less then the Nylon.  None of these bags are meant to be used as a school bag, they are not sturdy enough to carry all the textbooks that students have to carry with them on a daily basis.

The other major diffence with the bags is what little extras they have.  Such as an exterior zippered pocket or an interior pocket, or a mesh pocket for a water bottle or a slot for ear buds.  Whenever you start adding any of the little extras it will raise the pricing somewhat.  But there are enough bags with a large variety of options on our site that you should be able to find just the right bag with just the right options for just the right price.

Drawstring bags are one of the most popular party favors every year for many reasons
- Priced right
- Functional
- Large Imprint Areas
- Long Lasting
- Large Selection to Choose From

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