Monday, October 15, 2012

What To Give As Your Party Favor! - Part 1

What to give as your party favor depends on several variables –

1 – Your budget.

2 – Is it a boy or girl celebrating.

3 – Where are you located.

4 – How many kids are attending.

5 – What is your theme.

6 – Where to buy it.

7 – Do you have to give something to the adults.


Your budget is your budget, spend what you are comfortable spending.  For example beach towels, are a great gift, but depending on how you decorate the towel it can get a little pricy.  But don’t make the mistake of choosing your end of the night giveaway solely on cost.  We have so many parents contact us and the first thing they say is “this is my third bar mitzvah, I just want something cheap”.  You can get something less expensive but still have some usefulness to your child’s friends.  Why even buy something cheap just for the sake of giving something out at the end of the night that will be thrown out the next morning.  A good party favor distributor should have a large selection of bags and other items that are less expensive, but with the proper decoration would still be appreciated by your child’s friends.  Of course if you really are on a tight budget, think about doing a white t-shirt with a one color imprint, inexpensive and who can’t use another t-shirt, whether it is to sleep in or play sports in.

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