Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What To Give As Your Party Favor! - Part 2

Of course what you choose to hand out sometimes depends on whether your child is celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  There are definitely some items that either sex would never give out as their party favor.  Once again we are talking about very status conscious 13 year olds, who have to show their face at school the next week.  Also keep in mind when doing apparel, for example a t-shirt, a good distributor should let you change the color of the shirt, so you could do pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

Where you are located will also sometimes come into play on what you choose to give out.  On our site we offer embroidered beanies or ear bands, this is not an appropriate give for someone in Florida, but is very popular in the northern states.  While beach towels are popular in the south but not as popular in Minnesota.   Of course most items work anywhere, but consider your location before deciding.

Some parties have 150 kids some have 25.  This will definitely have a bearing on what you choose.  Like most items you purchase nowadays the more you buy the better price you can get.  So some items might be cost prohibitive at a small quantity but become much less expensive when you have a larger party.  So make sure you always get a discount when purchasing your party favor when you have more kids attending.  Another thing to remember when having a smaller party is that a lot of items have minimum order amounts, so you might like a bag but the minimum amount might be above the number of attendees you are having.

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